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Sound odyssey pro dj services scours the web weekly to ensure the latest hits in all genres. This coupled with our immense library ensures your guests hear that which is important to Them. Take advantage of our online events planner, a password protected database to assist in making your event exactly to your goals. You can share this password with your family, friends, committee, etc. So they too can input. We setup the playlist well in advance. This puts the music you want to hear ready and offers a tailor fit for your event.

All of this served up via laptops with state of the art pcdj software. This allows for advance playlist setup and requests can be handled instantly!! Really, no searching thru cd cases and cases. Honestly, I cannot believe people still play music that way!

Do you know how hard it is to find edited tunes for school events? We do! All songs are screened to ensure content worthy.

No matter your choice or choices we got you covered musically. Rock, rap, country, blues, techno, salsa, r&b, holiday specific tunes, jazz, 50s, big band, are all just a mouse clik away.
Each dj shows up with over 30,000 tunes.

Also, all our karaoke is also served up via the pc.
Library expanding daily.

Note - the online library listings are out of date. If you dont see the song you want, simply type it in. Chances are pretty good we have it. And if we dont we will get it prior to your event I gave up 30000 tunes takes an enormous amount of programming.