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#1 in the South



If you know us then you know we stand solidly behind Hartley Peavey and Peavey Electronics. We currently are running in various configurations over 7 completed systems. Also, just got in a new set of Mackie S408s we’re playing with. In addition to the sound gear, the names Rane, Shure, Behringer, Pioneer are no strangers.
Music is served up with state of the art DJ Software on capable Laptops and with back up IPODs or the like. We can easily Jack Your Ipod in with our system for play of your tune!!
Lighting - Always striving to have the most extreme eye candy. Heavy investments as of late in Moving Head and LED fixtures. Just in new Liquid Sky Lasers, Movers, and LED Colortubes, Colorsplash, Colormist Systems. All attached to lg block alluminum trussing with jack up stands.
It looks and performs well....out of this world.

Disturb the Peace